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Our Favorite Avalanche Beacons

Editor's Choice

The Pieps Micro BT Button has three antennas and a generous display. It consists of water-repellent components and a hard case. The only manual button on the beacon is the send/search, but it also switches automatically when the user gets buried in the snow. The Micro BT Button is Bluetooth compatible and also has a vibration motor and a proximity sensor.

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Best Value

The Tracker S comes with three antennas and picks up 457 kHz of frequency. Its LED display is a good size and is also temperature resistant. In addition, the big picture mode scans larger areas at once. Other mentionable features are multiple burial indicator, close proximity indicator, mute mode, and signal suppression modes.

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Premium Pick

The Black Diamond Guide BT has three antennas and a range of 60 meters. It is Bluetooth compatible, as well as other analog beacons. The switch, as well as the contact points, are soft-touch housed inside a sturdy body. Its features include multiple burial detection, easy angle assessment, direction, and distance indication, among others.

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Best Overall

The ARVA Evo5 has three antennas and a digital range of 50 meters. LED is a good size with backlit function in low light. The buttons on this avalanche beacon are glove-friendly. Important features in the Evo5 include mark function, group check, and multiple burial indicator. The beacon also includes a carry strap.

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Our Favorite Avalanche Shovels

Editor's Choice

The Black Diamond Transfer 3 avalanche shovel is a sturdy telescoping avalanche shovel. It is excellent in terms of strength, durability, and portability.

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Best Value

The Voile XLM Shovel is a lightweight shovel made of aluminum. It weighs about 1lb 2oz and has a total length of 24 inches. The blade is broad, and the scoop is tampered for high-tensile strength. This shovel has a T-handle and a blade that is wide for scooping.

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Premium Pick

The Demon Escape Ally Shovel has forged aluminum for the shaft and the blade. The shaft and the handle accommodate the snow pick and the thermometer. The snow pick and the wood saw combo has L-shaped handle. A telescopic shaft assists in collapsing the shaft into a compact shovel. The blade of the Ally Shovel is wide at about 10 inches.

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Best Overall

The G3 SpadeTECH Shovel comes with a heat-treated aluminum blade. A telescopic shaft that is also collapsible and TIG welded connector tube constitutes its other parts. The blade has a rounded edge with slots for rescue sled construction. Parts of the D Grip also include the dry stash compartment and a loop for ice-ax while the handle is a T-grip.

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